Nightmare in Silver: Eight Years Later

A good friend recently asked me if I would write a guest feature for 25YL on how Nightmare in Silver changed my life. Of course, I said Yes.

When I sat down to write it, there was a slight hesitation this time around. I have told this story so any times, but always to friends or people who followed me already and knew a little of the back story. I have also never written for a blog that wasn’t my own. So the insecurities came pouring in, like a dam of doubt just exploded.

It took awhile longer to write this one, but I had a wonderful support group and amazingly patient editors. To my surprise, I was told to add more, make it longer. Not usually something I ever hear. #LongWinded

Adding more meant adding details about coming out, and my transition. Something that is sometimes met with hate and violence. Which fueled my gay flames even more. Trans stories are valid. And this one is mine to tell.

Thank you to everyone at 25YL for supporting this trans cosplayer.

You can read the full article here.